Trump’s Win Is Actually Good For the Progressive Left


Trump’s win tells us a lot about the psyche of the American people at the moment.

The media elite have told us a lot about how offensive his campaign has been. That it has been racist, sexist etc and a win for the “deplorables”.

Trump’s success tells us that it is much easier to unite people by pitting them against a common enemy.

By blaming their problems on someone else you make people feel good and they will start to support you.

This feel good factor is an incredible effective negotiation tool. Give people what they want and they will support you.

Unfortunately he is like a drug: brings pleasure, entertainment and happiness but does not bring anything that is actually good for you.

There is a lot of good that can be drawn from Trump’s success: that the tide of American politics on a national scale can change very quickly.

Trump has an undisputed emotional connection with the population. His overwhelming confidence and populist platform is formidable.

The reason why Trump’s election is good – he has demonstrated that real change is possible. You might disagree with his message but it is difficult not to be impressed by his achievement.

The best thing for progressives to do at this stage is to get behind Trump. This popular drive for change can be driven in a more progressive direction.

His election has really got me thinking a lot and wondering if a populist progressive really possible?

I mean I suppose it is – but for there to really be an awesome change in leftist politics there will have to be a super popular, polarizing Trump-like figure to do it.

That sounds like a bit of an oxy-moron but we now know what it takes to make sweeping changes – you need to have that emotional connection.

Trump’s success means that there are opportunities for real change across the whole political spectrum.

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