Twenty-Something: It’s a Coveted Smash


starfish-9It seemed such a trivial thing to do, just to sit there and wait.

But honestly it was really one of the greatest things I possibly could have done.

This is mainly because there were so many options and hand and not many of them were very obvious. In fact none of them were obvious at all.

Without looking around and knowing what to do it could be easy to pass everything off and to not do anything. That would be the easy way out.

Here we are not going to let these kind of things happen.

We’re determined to make sure that things are at least a little be more balanced. I mean how are you supposed to get something out of nothing?

To me it is not obvious. I know there will be so many people scratching their heads over this. So many people will be thinking ‘why didn’t I think of that?’.

You could see it as being an obvious thing but really it is not that obvious at all.

At some point it seems as though there will be a kind of breakthrough. A kind of breakthrough that is really very obvious to a lot of players.

Many players in this game see the obvious factors at play.

Turning around, the best way is not just to flick it back against the wall and not care at all about anything.

That would be a really bad action to take.

Not in the least because so many people are invested in what is going on.

They are at agreeance that at least there were some players doing a good job.

You don’t want to admit it but you are flipping and flopping back and forward.


Without seeing any kind of real breakthrough we can put it down to a bit of luck. Without a doubt it is this luck that is going to enable some type of positive action.

Looking around the joint there are factors at play that are not obvious. Some people will think that these things are totally legitimate- the turn of events will create at least a little bit of uneasiness.

Without seeing too much happening it can be argued that at least one person was really pleased with the results coming in.

At one time it seemed really obvious, but then looking back everything just seemed to disappear. It is as if there was some kind of problem there.

Whatever the cause was someone was not happy. It was this one person who has the power to change the tide of events- to turn everything on its head.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that there is at least one person who can do this?

Who suddenly in the palm of their hand can really shake things up in a completely unprecedented way.

WIthout doubt this is a huge development.

It is something that is strong – not just strong but really insanely powerful.

It beggers believe that one downtrodden, good for nothing fellow now has everything at their disposal. It is really admirable. I know for sure that some people are going to be a little bit jealous.

Looking back there was some activity around the place that got many people excited. The kind of excitement that sees you jumping up and down on top of your chair.

When my mum came to see the tune she was shocked. Everyone was shocked.

There were people jumping up and down. Some people were laughing, it was a real scene.

Today I am a little bit more wisened to these situations. It seems at least without some reassurance things just kind of disappear all the time.

They disappear into a hole in the ground where nobody can see anything. It kind of just disappears.

I know for sure that at least myself it seemed like a really good idea.

Making a few adjustments things just became really obvious. It only became obvious though because I had been doing this for such a long time.

Make things happen today before it’s too late.


Moving up and down hills like a snake created some kind of momentum. We were able to capitalise on that really in a good way.

The speed we gained moving downwards gave us enough to reach the top of the next hill.

Really it is something that is overall just really exciting and cannot be entirely explained.

I mean how many people want to really be involved in these types of activities? I know I do.

Without a doubt we can use these things to create something unique. It doesn’t have to be wholly unique but at least a little bit different.

The way I like to look at it is that at some point there were three people looking around seeing the differences.

One person could see something falling down super quickly and really someone else could see some pretty good results starting to come in.

Okay so they were not really the best results but they were something. Something to make you feel proud right.

I mean nothing beats that feeling of really coming out on top head and shoulders above the rest- you have to fight for that position. And once you are there you have to spend the rest of your time defending your position.

Without a doubt it seems like something pretty obvious. Obvious for me because I can see results coming in.

For most of us there certainly is something we can truly take from all this. Out of the palm of your hand springs to action something the likes of which not everyone can fully fathom.


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