Modafinil Kills My Procrastination


Modafinil has been an absolute saving grace for me lately.

Recently my workload piled up on me and I had three assignments due in one week.

Usually for all my assignments I pull all- nighters, just because I am lazy and it is the way I roll.

This time however I used modafinil which always gives me the focus needed to get started.

Usually I really struggle to start an assignment earlier than the night before it is due.

I cannot emphasize enough how much I struggle with this.

Unless it is the last night at the last minute I cannot bring myself to lift a finger.

I know I am not the only one who like this.

Every time is in that last minute panic that I actually start working, pull an all nighter and get things done.

Of course the end result is a rush job that is not anywhere near close my true potential.

But recently by using modafinil I have been able to make a complete turnaround.

For example on one of my assignments I was able to start a full week before it was due.

This was completely unheard of from me.

And I don’t mean fluffing around, getting nothing done. I mean full on getting it done.

Within two days I had finished all my research and had written a first draft for my 2,000 word essay.

I now had a full five days left before the due date!

This put me in a position I had never been in before.

For the first time I was able to think about what I had written and make changes to my research and structure.

Basically for the first time I just given myself the time to do it properly.

With Modafinil I am able to conquer those two things that hold me back distractions and laziness.

After taking modafinil I am able to get straight into it without any hesitation.

I start focusing on the things that are important with absolute clarity.

It is so exciting because this has the ability to completely turn my student life around.

Now I can do my assignments properly this opens up a world of opportunities.

No longer will I be stressed out of brain, procrastinating and worried – I am going to be able to really make a go of it.

Now I have more time on my hands to actually do other important and fun things instead of just wasting so much time.

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