The Destruction of the Grand Old Party and the Rise of Celebrity Politics


The US Presidential election is coming up soon and my gosh it has been one hell of a ride. There have been a few radical changes brought on by the rise of Donald Trump. The first of these is:

The Grand Old Party as we know it is in tatters

Trump has used the Republican platform to push his own agenda. He has been incredible successful, but he has also alienated normal Republicans.

That conventional right-of-centre, conservative, humble philosophy that used to dominate the GOP is losing its voice. Instead it has been replaced in the form of Donald Trump who has not-so-subtly used major tenements of the GOP to gain popular support: racism and crazy gun laws.

Keeping in mind that Trump at his heart actually believes in liberal policies- the destruction of the GOP will be exacerbated even further if the Democrats win a majority in the Senate and House of


The Rise of the Celebrity Politician

Donald Trump shows us that celebrities can leverage their status for political power. Celebrities have huge followings, respect, admiration, wealth and influence at their finger tips. They have a massive advantage from the get go over any start up senator or hot shot governor.

It is no lie that celebrity culture has long been the domain of the left. So now that we are aware of their power it wouldn’t surprise me if we’re going to see some pretty colorful characters come into the fold.

American politics is only going to get more and more interesting as it becomes more ‘cool’ to be involved.




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