Bernie Sanders Is Only the Beginning


Everyone around the world has only just been exposed to the Bernie Sanders message for the very first time.

For most people it is only starting to sink in.

What he has done is initiate a certain type of rhetoric that is going to keep growing in all sorts of different directions.

At the base of his message is that we lived in a rigged economy. And it is not just the American economy it is the global economy.

What does this mean for all of us?

Well it suddenly means that we are now aware that we are not the only ones struggling.

Basically there is a small minority that never have to worry about money and are absolutely killing it up the top.

Then there is you and me – basically everyone.

This whole idea is absolutely mind blowing. Bernie Sanders’ message is that we are struggling in this together.

This is an incredible powerful notion. But you may ask what is the opposing message to this point of view?

The other point of view which mind you is not even necessarily left wing or right wing – it’s just the mainstream idea – is that we are not in this together.

It is the idea that I have to cover my own back and that is the most important thing.

However now it is becoming clear that this is the way the most powerful organisations want you to think.

The organisations that own everything would want us to carry out our days thinking that we are competing against each other – pitting ourselves against each other constantly.

Bernie Sanders has revealed that there is an alternative way of going about our lives.

This idea is that we are doing things collectively. That we live in a society where there is a general trust and a collective conscience.

Bernie Sanders could be bringing about the end of individualism.

People say individualism is about freedom – other people would argue that individualism is about being selfish.

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