The Actions That Come Back To Bite You On the Ass


No doubt we have all had those feelings before that make us feel small.

The feelings that make us feel really really alone.

When we did or said something that was totally unacceptable and ultimately insulting.

Everyone’s conscious runs back after us eventually.

In the dead of the night when we are all by ourselves, these things come back to haunt us.

There is not avoiding it.

We have all done things that we regret in the public space.

We cannot run and hide from the public space completely – we all have to interact with it in one way or another.

But what we say or do has severe repercussions beyond just that one moment.

This is why it is so important to be prepared and be incredible mindful in those moments when you are in the spotlight.

Be aware of the sensitivities of other people around you, try to avoid your impulses. In the longer run you will be much better off.

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